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I am an audio lead, technical audio designer, sound designer, Bafta Connect member and a published researcher. Experienced in working with Unreal Engine, Unity and in-house engines as well as used Unreal Audio, Wwise and FMOD for setup, optimisation and some code. Experience with the concepts of procedural sound, Puredata and custom Wwise plugins. I have honed my craft at Frontier Developments, Saltwater Games and Project Borealis, creating immersive audio experiences for video games - PC, Console and VR. My expertise is highlighted by my work on innovative playback systems and collaborative game feature production. Have some C++/C# basics, although can read more than I can write. Have studied Swift. Used HTML/CSS/Javascript to put together this website.

Elite Dangerous

Technical Sound Designer

Technical Audio Design, Sound Design, Optimisation

(Frontier Developments)

[Cobra / Wwise / Reaper / SVN]

"Elite Dangerous brings gaming’s original open world adventure to the modern generation with a stunning recreation of the entire Milky Way galaxy. Here battles rage, governments fall, and humanity’s frontier expands – and you can impact it all. Welcome to the definitive massively multiplayer space epic."

> https://www.EliteDangerous.com

Project Borealis - WIP

Lead Sound Designer

Technical Audio Design, Sound Design

[Unreal Engine / Steam Audio / Reaper / Git]

"On August 25th 2017, a plot synopsis was published on the blog of Half-Life writer Marc Laidlaw. The story detailed the adventures of Gertie Fremont and Alex Vaunt, and is now believed to be an overview of the intended plot of the long awaited Half-Life 2: Episode 3. We're a group of Half-Life fans who are spending our evenings and weekends creating the game we've been waiting so long for."

> https://ProjectBorealis.com


Sound Designer

Technical Audio Design, Sound Design, VO Design, Optimisation

(Epic MegaJam 2023)

[Unreal Engine 4.27 / Wwise / Reaper / Perforce / VO Text - ChatGPT]

"Yesterday's model ready for the scrap heap. Can you force your way into this reality? Roll into action in this puzzle adventure as you secure the parts and acquire the key cards required to make a miraculous escape before you are terminated or fall into the smelting pool under your own volition.

> Project Page

The Banquet Below

Sound Designer

Technical Audio Design, Sound Design, Music, Optimisation

(Epic MegaJam 2022)

[Unreal Engine 4.27 / Unreal Audio / Pro Tools / Perforce]

"The Banquet Below is an interactive escape room experience. The player wakes up trapped on a seemingly abandoned Victorian-era ship. They must complete a series of puzzles to escape each room while the water rises on the sinking ship. In a bid to finally win back their freedom from whomever has trapped them. Will you make it to the deck above or be dragged to the depths below?"

> Project Page

The Restless - WIP

Sound Designer

Technical Audio Design, Sound Design, Optimisation

(InkJam 2023)

[Unity / Wwise / Reaper / Git]

"You receive a letter from your mother after her death, informing you of a family curse and an ancient book, stolen centuries ago. To break the curse, and escape the fate of your mother, you must locate the book in a collection of objects watched over by a mysterious collector. Will you discover the secret of the archive and escape with your life? This game is best enjoyed with audio on!"

> Project Page

Half-Life Alyx (Redesign)

Sound Designer, Mixer

(Valve Corporation)

This redesign was made prior to experiencing the clip with audio or the game itself. Reflecting upon it, I can see that my decision was to mostly highlight all the action present on the screen, while the real game uses more ambience to paint the atmosphere, skipping sonification of a few objects seen in this scene

Splitgate: Arena Warfare

Technical Sound Designer (UE4)

Splitgate is a fast paced, first person Sci-fi arena shooter. Ambience sound design and integration was done for Outpost map with considerations for footsteps and gun shots. Produced using Pro Tools and a mix of hardware and software sound sources and processors.

Implemented into Unreal Engine using built in Sound Cues

> https://www.1047games.com

Interactive Audio Demo

Technical Sound Designer (UE4, Wwise)

Fully playable demo put together using Unreal Engine and Wwise. Work done: Ambience sound design, Multi-surface footsteps, Reverb Volumes, sound event scripting and implementation

ACM Published Research Paper

Researcher, Technical Sound Designer

Researched and written a scientific paper on use of spatial audio in games. Abstract:

This study interviewed game audio professionals to establish the implementation requirements for an experiment to ascertain the effect of different spatial audio localisation systems on the perception of threat in a first-person shooter. In addition, a listening study was carried out involving 35 members of the public, and using three scenes made in Unreal Engine 4 with custom designed sound, authored in Wwise. This established that spatial audio does, indeed, have a noticeable effect on players' perception of threat. Each spatial audio system, however, had different effects on the perception of threat, stealth, realism and position estimation, on all three different visual scenes. Meanwhile, the absence of spatial audio can confuse people and contribute towards inaccurate enemy localisation. With this in mind, a tailored approach to the game design requirements for each project is recommended. Rather than a single, spatialised design for the entire game, each scene should have its own design solution.

> https://dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/3411109.3411119

Custom UE4/Wwise Occlusion System

Technical Sound Designer (UE4, Wwise)

Currently in further development, this personal research project is aimed at creating an occlusion system in Unreal Engine 4, that would work with third party middleware such as Wwise and FMOD.

Unreal Engine component is based on ray tracing in order to identify obstruction material type and occlusion amount. An additional proprietary plugin handles occlusion processing in real time inside Wwise.

Procedural Audio Demo

Technical Sound Designer (Unity, Puredata, Heavy)

Personal research project focusing on procedurally generated audio plugins only. All of the sounds are tiny plugins, generating sound in real time with accessible parameters. Currently, the guitar strummer only runs as a separate executable, receiving distance parameter from the game via TCP protocol.

Built with Unity, Puredata and Heavy.


Programmer (Swift)

Upcoming MacOS App

Slowerr is a simple tool for DJs and sound designers who need to quickly slow down or speed up an audio file without locking the pitch. Designed to replicate a turntable, the very obvious use is to play the audio file "on the wrong speed" and then export for further use.

- Load up your audio file, slow it down or speed it up and export the result
- Integrated player for preview
- Drag and Drop or select files
- WAV/MP3/AAC inputs supported
- Conversion to WAV/MP3/AAC as output supported
- MP3/AAC metadata is passed on to the output including BWF
- Player volume control persists to the output file
- Basic level meter to monitor clipping
- “Turntable style” pitch and speed selection
- Quick and easy way to slow down/speed up tracks without beat-mapping in DAWs

> Coming Soon

Available for new projects

For film sound design and music mastering work, please contact personally. Examples can be provided on request.

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